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(Vivian vo farmer) "Hi im Sierra. I'm single but I have had me fair share of boys." I giggle "anyway I hope to meet yall"

¿Quieres estar a la última? Atrévete a probar un granny hair o un cabello estilo abuela. Aunque no lo creas, el gris le va perfecto a las morenas.

Coolest Outfits If you feel like the world is better without you, you're wrong.

Nc que pasa pero cada dia que pasa me desiluciona su forma de amar

Tomarse de la mano está subestimado

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Maggie Lindemann] "Hello, I'm Cleo. I'm nineteen and I'm super excited to meet my match! I love music, dancing, and the color pink.

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I'm late to class but hmu anybody who is there and wants some nuggets @ Angel is helping me skip school to buy a crap ton

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Rico:: sup I'm Rico, I like art and I play baseball, I could care less for relationships.

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