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Gardenias are my all time favorite flower. The fragrance reminds me of 3 very important women in my life. My Grandma, my NanNaw and my Mom. Floral Arrangement - Gardenias in blue/white container - a touch of pure heaven- a favorite in Southern Gardens

Le Petitchouchou

I love blue and white. Tiles in Heidi, Chinese food, Holland, tea parties - all of these things link back to blue and white pottery / delft etc. for my dining room

Workwear: 33 Looks To Rev Up Your Winter Wardrobe |

Chic all grey look - I guess I shouldn't be looking at wintery stuff now but I like it so I'm pinning it. Love the fitted jacket for work and the layering - but yes, definitely better for winter.


OMG she is so perf. I just I can't. Why does she have to be so perfect. She's so gorgeous and well PERFECT! French: sur cette photo Shailene Woodley est tout simplement parfaite à (.