words touched my heart

the title is the description tho :)
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an image with the words, you said i killed you - haunt me, then be with me always take any form drive me mad
the tweet on twitter has been altered to read, i have so much love for her and she doesn't want it
an egyptian poem from 300 years ago is shown on the phone screen, and it's caption reads
the words just a masterpiece learning to master peace are shown in white on a brown background
an old poem written in black ink on white paper with writing underneath it that reads, i tell the sun i love her and in return she gives me
a yellow piece of paper with writing on it that says i sometimes wonder if things only get better so that they can get worse
a woman's eye with the words let go of it, it could have been different but it was not
let go of it
a quote from maggie g that says she was like a star, nothing but a beautiful echo of death