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a poster with the words worldbuilding 101 and an image of a bird flying over it
World Building 101: Cultures Part II | Writing Advice
Here is the second part of my post for writing advice on including different fantasy cultures into your world building process. Save this post for later and send it to someone who might also need it! Also click on the post to get to my benable profile where I have listed some useful writing resources for you to browse through. Click on the link in my profile to get to my blog for more in depth writing advice. writing | fantasy worlds | world building | world building fantasy | writer | writing advice | writings tips | fantasy | cultures | fantasy cultures | world building 101 #writing #writer #fantasyworld #creativewriting #fyp #fiction #books #creature #magical #worldbuilding #fantasycreatures #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #fanfiction #fantasycultures #culture
the differences between mystery and suspense
Difference Between Mystery and Suspense | Comparison of Mystery and Suspense Genres in Literature
the w - plot is an excellent way to teach how to write a novel
How to Write a Novel with the W-Plot Template
the front page of an article about how to make your story more interesting with red flowers
How To Make Your Story More Interesting
Our favorite characters are often those we can relate to on some level. One of the most relatable things a character can have is flaws. But these flaws don't mean anything if they have no real impact on the character's life and journey. Make your story more interesting by allowing your character to make mistakes. #writer #writing #writingtips #fictionwriting #writinganovel #bookwriting #thewriteen #characterflaws #howtomakeyourstorymoreinteresting #characterdevelopment #creativewriting
the character development checklist is shown in blue and white, as well as an image of
Consistency and Character Development: the Benefits of Checklists and Worksheets
the text is written in black and white on a sheet of paper with small dots
a poster with the words, character motivation and other things to know about characters in fiction
Planning a Novel: Character Arc In A Nutshell - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®
the fiction mind map is shown in yellow
The BookMap: Simplify Book Outlining With This FREE Template
an article about writing with the title, 10 plot twist ideas and writing propps for writer
Plot Twist Ideas and Writing Prompts For Writers
Stuck on a plot twist for your book? Here's 10 plot twist ideas and story prompts for writers! Want to become a best selling author? Check out our book publishing company, Clarity Cove, for more information
writing prompts and plot twist ideas for writers
Exciting Writing Prompts and Plot Twist Ideas for your next book!
Have writer's block? Here's a list of some exciting plot twist and writing prompt ideas to fuel your next best selling book. Want to become a 10x best seller? We can help. Check out our book publishing company, Clarity Cove, by clicking here.
an article about how to write character personaities
How To Write Character Personalities (pt.2)
Personality is not born in a vaccum. Every trait your character displays on the page has to come from somewhere. Part of it will be genetic, but most of it will depend on their upbringing and past experiences. The question is, how did their past shape them into the person they are today? #writers #write #writingtips #writinganovel #bookwriting #writinginspiration #thewriteen #storytelling #personality #characterdevelopment #characterinspiration #creativewriting #howtowritecharacterpersonalities
the steps to write a novel in 30 steps
A Simple Outline for Writing a Killer Book Blurb - Ink and Quills