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Cast Concrete Bowl

RH's Cast Concrete Bowl:Inspired by minimalist midcentury forms, our bowl's low, linear profile, bold scale and matte grey finish lend it an elemental presence. Striking as a stand-alone object or showcasing a collection of objects, it can be displayed indoors or out.

花屋 みたて


Floral recipe: The beginning of spring

Master Roman tries to surprise us with this technique for test tubes, showing us how you can realise the semblance of a hand-tied with a short stem flowers. Here, it’s about using test tubes to give the flowers water, so short stem flowers may be used without any need for the stems to reach the base. That’s why we see a bouquet that doesn’t need a vase. The explanations in the step-by-step as to how are interesting

草月流 「森彩琳」 の いけばな日記

Ikebana: All You Need to Know About Japanese Flower Art

Enjoy the works of ikebana master Shozo Sato as he explains how Japanese flower arranging works, and how to do it yourself.

二十一世紀的いけ花考 24の画像

Biophilic & Sustainable Interior Design · Ikebana: the flower arrangement art coming from Japan · DforDesign

Ikebana is a lot more than just a beautiful way of arranging flowers. It teaches patience, respect and helps us connect to nature on a deeper level.


うつぎ会 on Instagram: “#2018うつぎ会#松坂屋名古屋店#地下#和菓子ゾーン#ウィンドーディスプレイ#黒柳美緒#西村千草#にほんのよきもの#うつぎ会2018 花材-#アジサイ#エリンジウム#サンキライ#リキュウソウ 花器-白釉二口花器…”

305 Likes, 1 Comments - うつぎ会 (@utsugikai) on Instagram: “#2018うつぎ会#松坂屋名古屋店#地下#和菓子ゾーン#ウィンドーディスプレイ#黒柳美緒#西村千草#にほんのよきもの#うつぎ会2018 花材-#アジサイ#エリンジウム#サンキライ#リキュウソウ…”


365 Days of Ikebana-Day 73 - KEITH STANLEY

Reusing the pomegranate branch from Sunday’s class I made this nagiere arrangement. The branch has been stripped of it’s leaves … Continue Reading365 Days of Ikebana-Day 73



Saika Bonsai – Do You Count This as Bonsai?

Saika Bonsai (literally means colorful flower bonsai) is a modern bonsai style features combination of trees and plants with free-spirited pot design.

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Develop creative skills to make beautiful living Japanese floral art. Ikebana, often translated as Japanese Flower Arrranging, is much more than flower arranging. It is a philosophy and life-style which helps you slow down and enjoy nature.