3 month baby

Discover important tips for caring for your 3 month old baby. From sleep schedules to milestone development, ensure your baby is happy and healthy at this stage.
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When my little ones were 3-month-old babies, I could not have written this post. I could not have formulated coherent sentences to write about learning activities for 3-month-old babies. And if I had found the time—and words—to write it (miraculously), I would have certainly opted to sleep. But now with my youngest growing up way

Hope Lang
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Our sweet Odessa turned three months yesterday. I think that means she is no longer considered a newborn and has moved on to being an infant, wahhhh! I love watching her grow and explore but I really wish time would slow down, A LOT! Our girl is all smiles and giggles lately! She is sleeping through the night, except for when I tell people she does - so tonight I'll probably be up with her around 2:00am ;) She usually goes to bed around 8:30-9 and wakes around 7, eats and then back to sleep…

Laura Murray