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Explore the iconic fashion trends of the 60s and find inspiration for your own stylish outfits. Discover how to incorporate vintage elements into your modern wardrobe for a chic and retro look.
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(Last Updated On: February 10, 2024)So, you’ve hit the big 6-0 and you’re wondering how to keep that fashion flame burning bright? Well, let me remind you, my friend, age is just a number and your style doesn’t have to fade as the years roll by. As mature women over 60, it’s time to embrace […]

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If you feel like you keep buying clothes but they never look good on you, chances are you’re not buying the right clothes for your body shape! So you may be asking, what is my exact body type? In this post, we’ll cover how to measure and figure out your body type , learn about the five diffe

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Fashion rules seem to multiply the older we get. Don’t wear this or you risk looking like mutton dressed as lamb. Always wear this or you’ll look older than you are. Rules are someone else's idea of what we should wear over 60. By the time we reach this milestone we should wear what makes us feel happy and confident.

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Of all the models that are featured on this blog, two are constantly seen together in sooo many pics - Kathy and Karen Bruun. So I thought that a special post featuring some of their classic shots together would be perfect! Kathy and Karen were "Classics" for sure. They were seen so often in the catalogs of the 70s. Based on some of the feedback I've received, they were good friends too. Here they are kicking up their heels! (1) Both had that easy-going style to their poses that seemed to…

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