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I came across this neat graphic on the Got Genealogy? FB page. A simple summary of some “Golden Rules of Genealogy.” I love #1 – Speling Dusn’t Cownt. How many times have I talked with people who really get hung up on spelling. Typically, that changes once I show them how many ways I found their ancestors name or place of residence listed! Which is your favorite rule? What rule(s) would you add? Editor’s Note: the graphic contains a statement “You have our permission to use/publish these…

Rosemary Grenier-Neeb
Free Genealogy Sites, Genealogy Help, Genealogy Book, Genealogy Resources, Ancestry Genealogy, Genealogy Records, Genealogy Research, Ancestry Sites, Ancestry Search

Illegitimacy was not uncommon in earlier centuries. About 5% of all children born in England and Wales between 1837 and 1965 were illegitimate, which means they were born out of wedlock. Many family tree researchers will find during their research that there is at least one illegitimate ancestor in their family. Illegitimacy is no longer

Pat Schinkel
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Have you ever heard of foot shape genealogy? It is a concept out of the 19th century that still has some adherents today. It is based on the belief that the shape of your foot can tell you one of five ancient ethnic groups to which your ancestors belonged. Here is what you need to know about it.

Candace Reffruschinni