Animation reference

Explore a collection of animation reference ideas that will inspire and enhance your artistic skills. Discover techniques, poses, and movements to bring your animations to life.

This is a fan animation of Star Wars created by Renato 3XL and myself. This was animated in Photoshop for 2D and Blender for 3D and all comped in AfterEffects. Credits: 2D character animation: Sykosan 3D and 2D effects: Renato3xl Music: Tolo Prats Sound FX: Marc Arambudo Sound mix: Sonoteque

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Our feature artist/reference today is this RUN CYCLE BREAK DOWN by the talented Yoh Yoshinari (who I can’t find a Twitter account for - if you know it please add to the comments so I can retweet with a link in the future). Such a fantastic BALANCE of WEIGHT and FLOW here! #anime

wisteria eh