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Like the original honeycombed courtyard building, the new hospital has been designed with a strong landscape narrative that prioritizes the connection to nature as central to its mission of healing for patients and families, and providing a healthy workplace for faculty and staff. At the entrance to the 12-acre medical facility is an Orchard of …

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Back when I was in design school, I had this period of time where I was obsessed with re-grading every project so I could create sculpted berms that I would then plant with daffodils and grass or some other seasonally explosive plant that would come through the lawn and that I could later mow down. […]

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MOTIF: Forward Yuanmei (FY), for its proximity to Fuzhou Station, is on the commuting route of student commuters of National Taiwan University of Arts. Before it was built, Daguan Road was only 6 meter-wide without sidewalks. Students who commute and local residents had no choice but to walk along the walls of the Taiwan Railways […]