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Explore the world of art optical and be amazed by the mesmerizing illusions created by talented artists. Discover top ideas to bring a visual delight to your space.
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The Op Art is the art of creating works fixed in 2 dimensions, seen by the human eye as relief and / or moving. Research on the subject began in the 60s, including the artist Victor Vasarely for example. Here are some works related to this form of art, to color as you want ! The result will be for sure very impressive ...

Raymond Fernandez
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Description Do not try to insufflate kinetic movement into a still image, that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth...there is no image. Then you'll see that it is not the image that moves, it is only yourself. I want to thank Olly Payne from for featuring this and other works in such a great site dedicated to OpArt. In the other hand, I'm amazed to see my work being plagiarized by Mr. Jiang Di's in his opera prima: the shape of superstring spirit world [sic]…

Mohsen Qahtan