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Explore a collection of unique and spooky zombie art ideas to add a touch of horror to your space. Get inspired to create your own zombie-inspired masterpieces and embrace the undead aesthetic.
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For as long as I remember, I had a constant battle with my fear of zombies. Zombies are frightening dead creatures living for eating the brain. Well, at least, that was how zombies are portrayed in the movies and cartoons. Scary, half-dead, freaky creatures ready to eat you! This was enough to scare me as a child, but gradually the zombie concept which is, of course, hypothetical started to sound fun and cool. Zombies were perceived as the coolest creatures because they don’t exist! These…

Nathan Silvey
Amazing Halloween Zombie Face Paint Tutorial: Step by Step Art And Illustration, Zombie Illustration, Graffiti Doodles, Graffiti Cartoons, Graffiti Characters, Graffiti Drawing, Art Zombie, Zombie Cartoon, Zombie Head

How about a cartoony zombie? It CAN be made creepy too to satisfy those little boys looking to be scary this Halloween. Yet still, keep it relatively friendly and blood free, to satisfy the parents. LOL Check out this new amazing zombie step-by-step by Elodie Ternois!

Mike Trappe