Baby memories

Capture and cherish precious moments with your little one. Explore creative ways to preserve and document your baby's memories for a lifetime of joy and nostalgia.
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No Mess, No Residue - Designed to create your baby's hand and footprints without leaving ink residue on your baby’s hands and feet. Our clean touch ink pads use a “zero ink contact” imprinting method to allow beautiful stamping of your baby’s hands and feet on art cards, memory book journals and other paper-based baby keepsakes. Mess free ink pad for babies. 100% Baby Safe, Certified - Although we use clean touch ink pads, we ensure that the inks we use in our baby ink pad kit are lab-tested…

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There’s no denying that life with babies (and toddlers) can be a little chaotic, when your newborn arrives it’s the little tips and tricks that aren’t in manuals that will save your sanity. Some people might call them ‘baby hacks’…I just call them lifesavers. Here are 10+ more GENIUS baby hacks that will help to make life a little easier! If you...Read More »

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These are the actual milestones that you won’t read about in the baby books. Have you ever noticed that baby books are filled with predictably adorable milestones for you and your baby? First tooth, sleeping through the night, return to pre-baby weight, first solid food, first word… The cute list of milestones goes on and...

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Gift Buying Guide for Expecting Twin Moms In this Gift Buying Guide for Expecting Twin Moms we've compiled ideas for that soon-to-be twin mom in your life. A thoughtful gift will mean the world her and her help save her sanity in the first year of motherhood! Every mom wishes she could have an extra hand time and tim

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