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Figuring out how to stop a toddler from hitting is no easy task! And if you are a first time mom, it's even more shocking. Right up there with with potty training kids who won't poop on the toilet and getting your toddler to stop whining. How you help your child stop hitting will look

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How to (Gradually) Potty Train Your One Year Old - Tales of a Messy Mom Pre K, Baby Health, Baby Care Tips, Baby Life Hacks, Baby Potty, Baby Development, Potty Training Girls, Potty Training Tips, Potty Training Boys

Have you had it with dirty diapers? Do you think your one year old may be showing signs that she's ready to start potty training? There's no magical age of when you should start to potty train, but there are many children that are developmentally ready by 18 to 24 months of age. Sometimes even earlier. Some

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