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Embark on an incredible journey aboard the best cruise ships. Experience luxury, breathtaking views, and endless entertainment. Book your dream cruise today!
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Ashley Rossi is always ready for her next trip. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for travel tips, destination ideas, and off the beaten path spots. After interning at SmarterTravel, Ashley joined the team full time in 2015. She's lived on three continents, but still never knows where her next adventure will take her. She's always searching for upcoming destination hotspots, secluded retreats, and hidden gems to share with the world. Ashley's stories have been featured online on USA Today…

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3 Big cruise lines compared in 10 critical areas. Let\'s look at Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruies, and Norwegian Cruise Line up close and see how they are different from one another. Find the best cruise line for you using our helpful guide!#cruisecompare #cruiselines #carnival #royalcaribbean #rccl #norwegian #norwegiancruises #norwegiancruiseline #ncl #comparecruises

Which cruise line to choose? It’s often a dilemma for first time cruisers. Even seasoned cruisers loyal to a particular line often wonder what it might be like if they were to jump ship and try out the competition. Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean all target a similar passenger demographic: singles, couples, and families in their 20s-50s. While all cruise lines offer a similar product, there are some general differences between lines, which might make one more…

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Smart cruisers make the best cruisers. Here are 10 ways that rookies waste money on a cruise and how to avoid them. If you'd rather check out our video on ways rookies waste money on a cruise check out the clip below: 1. ATM Fees - Forgetting to bring extra cash can be costly on a cruise with ATM machines charging fees that will range from $5-8 per transaction (on top of what your bank will charge you). If you do need cash for a day in port or to tip the crew a few extra dollars, you can…

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