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Delve into the profound wisdom of biblical truths and discover a deeper understanding of life's greatest questions. Explore the timeless teachings that have guided humanity for centuries.
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Who does God say I am? For the longest of time, I thought I was defined by my status, personality, nationality, religion, possessions, habits, and even people's opinions of me. This caused me to feel lost, insecure, and simply not enough. The more I searched for identity in these things, the worst I felt about

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Poor. Mourning. Meek. Hungry. Thirsty. What a sad state to be in. Or is it? The description is not finished. Merciful. Pure. Peaceful. Such qualities we admire and associate with love. And then there is the conclusion. Persecuted. According to Christ, these words describe a person who is blessed, composing what we know as the

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This week my daughter Amariah celebrates another birthday! Her baby days are far behind her, and I look at the speedy passing of time and am trying not to blink. She’ll be a young lady before I know it. It’s a joyful thought and a weighty realization that I’m responsible for her understanding of the

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