Big dog breeds list

Discover the top big dog breeds and find the perfect companion for your family. From gentle giants to loyal protectors, explore our comprehensive list of big dog breeds.
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If you are 100% ready to get a new dog, next, you'll be asking yourself 'Which dog breed do I want?'. Dogs come in many sizes and shapes and there are over 400 pure dog breeds to choose from. Choosing 1 out of 400 can be problematic, unless you know exactly what you want from a dog. Narrow down your choices by... The Dog's Appearance Prefer cute dolly face dog - Pomeranian / Chihuahua / Maltese / Miniature Dachshund / Yorkshire Terrier Pomeranian (Boo) Prefer elegant looking dog - Siberian…

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Good things come in small packages, and many owners follow this motto when choosing their dogs. Small dogs are a preferred choice over big breeds as their compact size makes them convenient to carry and maintain. A well-trained small dog would be sociable, obedient, and friendly. However, those with improper training could develop small dog syndrome and act contrary to their size. Such dogs often appear stubborn, anxious, and pugnacious. Dogs with a maximum weight of 25 pounds or less than…

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