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Enhance your bo staff skills and become a master with these top ideas. Learn different techniques and tricks to impress your friends and opponents.
Night Watchman Bo Staff - Polypropylene Construction, Perfect Balance And Weight - Length 6’ | - Knives & Swords At The Lowest Prices! Fitness, Karate, Tactical Gear, Armory, Cool Gear, Defense Weapons, Defence, Armor, Bo Staff

Our Night Watchman Bo Staff is constructed of high impact-resistant polypropylene that will take a beating for years without wearing down. Because of its perfect weight and balance, it is perfect as a self-defense weapon and walking aid when you're trekking through the wild. The bo staff comes in at an overall length of 6’.

Bryce Lee
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The Bō is a six-foot long staff. It was perhaps developed from a farming tool called a tenbin: a stick placed across the shoulders, used to lift buckets and sacks that hung off each end. The Bō, along with shorter variations such as the Jō and hanbo could also have been developed from walking sticks used by travelers, especially monks. The Bō was firstly used as the handle to a rake or a shovel. Most techniques the Bō adopted include striking movements. Mostly the Bō was used for non-lethal…

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