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Discover creative ideas to incorporate box water into your daily life. Join the eco-friendly movement and make a positive impact on the environment with these innovative box water solutions.
Kirin Natural Mineral Water

Shepherd Agency are big fans of beer so they decided to start their own. They called it Golden Fleece and they designed packaging that shine. “Here at Shepherd, we’re big fans of beer. Drinking it, designing labels for it, comparing it, building campaigns for it. In fact, we’ve spent the last several years devoting so […]

Helene Coelho
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Unicorn, a branding agency based in Riga, Latvia created this whimsical logo and packaging system for Water for Change, a company with a serious mission: to educate consumers about reducing waste from plastic bottles and to provide access to clean, safe water in the developing world. “The creative challenge was not only to create a […]

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