Carl gustav carus

Discover the fascinating life and artistic journey of Carl Gustav Carus, a renowned painter and physician. Explore his masterpieces and gain insight into his unique style and contributions to the art world.
Carl Gustav Carus (1789–1869) Fountain Before a Temple Charcoal, heightened with white gouache, on blue-gray paper Nature, Art, Impressionism, Sculpture Art, Caspar David Friedrich, Gustav, Fine Art, Artist, Landscape Art

Carl Gustav Carus, physician, scientist, psychologist, and artist, wrote a theory of "earth-life painting" inspired by the idea of nature as a "world soul" uniting the human spirit with God. According to the theory, the pure mind of the artist should give birth to divine ideas expressed through a "consecrated heart" and a hand practiced in close study of the landscape. Thus artistic creations would express the inner truth of nature and raise the viewer to a state of mystical contemplation.

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