Discover the art of cartomancy and unlock the hidden meanings behind tarot cards. Get insights into your past, present, and future with a captivating tarot reading.
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Cartomancy is the art of using playing cards to read a person’s fortune. Like the Tarot, Cartomancy uses a variety of layouts and spreads in order to give an accurate reading and gain a fascinating insight into a person’s future and potential. Each card has a meaning which can become clearer if the cards have

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Advertising was designed, at least back in the 1930s, during the height of the Great Depression, to salve (not solve) all earthly problems with the sweet lotion of dreams. Even Brillo, the household lubricated cleansing pad, sought to transform the daily drudge into a brilliant (i.e. Brillo) world where cleaning was better, easier and faster. Since it was the Depression, it didn’t matter how many pots and pans were made to look new, more important was how to pay for the pots

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