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Get ready to laugh with these hilarious cat humor ideas. From funny memes to cute videos, discover the best ways to add some joy and laughter to your day with your favorite furry friends.
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No matter how adorable and innocent cats may seem, their looks are deceiving. These tiny balls of fur are out of control and they are not planning to learn how to behave any time soon. The least their owners can do is is share their feline friends' mischievous with other cat owners. The Instagram account @cat_shaming provided them such opportunity.

Janice Bradley
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Few things do we love here on Bored Panda more than comics and cats. The first never fails to put a smile on our faces and the latter… by ruling the internet, felines have won our hearts and that’s all there is. So if you fall into one of the categories, or better both, Scott Metzger’s cartoons are a real treat for you!

Jasmine Delilah

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