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Do you remember the excitement of unwrapping a new toy or getting a superhero gift on Christmas Day or for your birthday? Now imagine if the Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Disney princess, or Barbie you were looking forward to ended up being a knock-off. How disappointing.While knock-offs are usually much cheaper, they aren’t quite like the real thing and they can make you wonder what the designer was thinking. To be honest, we’re not sure how some of these items even got the go ahead to get…

Belinda Lee
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Since I haven't had the luck to be born and to grow up in The United States of America, or any other Western country, but rather an occupation-torn post-Soviet state that has just regained its freedom, I've never actually seen or touched half of the things on this list. And, yet, looking at all these Poo-chi dogs, Polly Pockets, and things like phone charms, I feel a massive wave of 2000s nostalgia!

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The other day, my girlfriend Kamie wrote on Facebook that Jem and the Holograms was on TV. I can’t believe they have that show on again. It is the old show, with the bad makeup and hair from the ’80s. Her daughter thought it was hilarious and cheesy. Apparently you can reminisce by watching the old episodes on YouTube. […]

Khristi Edwards