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Ever wondered how non-living things and objects would feel as if they were alive and had feelings and emotions? Then imagine how they would react to the way we use them. Imagine how earphones would feel and react to being stuck in ears. Or how an old car would feel like being thrown into a junk yark.

Sudeshna Banerjee
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Stephen Beals, the artist behind "Adult Children Comics," challenges the misconception that everyday life is dull and uninteresting. With a focus on relatable topics like small talk, work, and leisure, Beals' comics resonate with audiences and provide a humorous take on various situations.

Crown Clown
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This week is a big one. Matt Reeves’ top shelf take on the Dark Knight Detective officially arrives in theaters. THE BATMAN is truly excellent. It is a confident and brilliantly crafted case study in what makes the character, and the world he occupies, great. The film is packed with wonderful performances, nods to icon

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What's the secret to becoming a successful creator? Developing artistic mastery, generating more ideas, having excellent social media presence? Try all of them. And if you need an example, Natalia Trykowska (also known as Verauko) is the perfect one. She's a very productive Polish graphic designer/digital artist, based in London, United Kingdom. Her commercial projects aside, Verauko is regularly drawing comics as well, and they have already earned her nearly 48K Instagram followers.


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