Cute couple tattoos

Express your everlasting love with cute couple tattoos. Explore unique and meaningful tattoo designs that symbolize your bond and create a lifelong memory together.
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Getting matching ink is a big commitment. If you have found the keeper, these unique couple tattoos are the perfect symbol of your bond.

Elizabeth O'Brien
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You’re sitting in a cozy tattoo parlor, your palms sweaty with anticipation as you glance at your partner, sibling, or best friend. Your eyes meet, and suddenly, you’re struck by the fact that you’re really about to get a matching tattoo. You can’t help but giggle at the thought of you and your special someone sharing an indelible mark that will forever bind your relationship in inked glory. After all, there’s nothing like a couple tattoo to create memories that last a lifetime — unless a…

Erin Allison
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BFF, amigo, chum, or cohort - call ‘em as you like, as it won’t change the fact that your best friend is your closest ally or even a bona fide soulmate! Hopefully, you do have one of those, and if you do, chances are, you want to immortalize the union for times to come. For that, you could either do a time capsule, write an undying poem, or get yourselves a pair of tattoos for best friends! And if you were to ask us, the latter is the best choice, always. That’s why we’ve made this list full…

karla alexia
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If you're thinking about getting matching couple tattoos with your husband, wife, or significant other, we rounded up some of the most creative ideas from tattoo artists on Instagram. Read on to get inspired.

Nat Ocando