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This article shows all the outfits that Dora has worn throughout the series. Dora usually wears her original outfit, which is a pink T-shirt that tilts upward in the front until the end of Season 6, orange shorts, white Velcro sneakers with a pink trim until the end of Season 6, yellow socks that fold out like flowers and wears a yellow and blue beaded flower bracelet on her right wrist. Note: Dora's swimsuit is also used in the Season 4 episodes The Mixed-Up Seasons and Baby Crab. Dora's…

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Dora Márquez is the main protagonist and hostess of the television series Dora the Explorer, Dora and Friends: Into the City!, and the 2024 reboot, as well as a supporting character of the spin-off series Go, Diego, Go!. She is a heroic Latina girl who embarks on countless adventures in every episode in order to find something or help somebody in need. Dora has dark peach skin causing it to appear almost orange. Dora's hair is styled in a bob-styled hair and her eyes are brown. The…

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Swiper the Explorer is the 23rd and final episode of Dora the Explorer from Season 4, or the 15th episode of Season 5 in TV airing order. It is currently unknown why it aired so late, though it is possible that it was saved to air as an early 10th anniversary special. In production order, it's the 18th episode of Season 4. Dora Boots Swiper Backpack Map Fiesta Trio Benny Diego Rescue Pack (non-anthropomorphic) Baby Fox (debut) Grandma Fox (mentioned) Bear (debut) Mami Fox (debut) Papi Fox…

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