Family meeting

Improve communication and strengthen family bonds with these effective family meeting ideas. Create a positive and open environment where everyone can share their thoughts and concerns.
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Rory and I have added a weekly meeting into the mix, and folks, this is a game changer for us. Now that we have it, I have no idea how we were functioning without it. And actually, the answer is that we weren't really functioning! Too many things felt last minute, poorly planned and frustrated. We started this at the beginning of October. We meet on Sunday afternoon when Elsie is napping and Ivar is having quiet play time. That is key. No kids are invited to our family meeting. One day when…

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In todays busy world, it has arguably gotten more difficult to stay on the same page with your partner. Everything is always changing, and there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day… but read below for how you can stay ahead of overcrowded calendars by spending just 30 minutes/week.

Izmir Henry