Fun conversation starters

Break the ice and ignite interesting conversations with these fun conversation starters. Discover unique ideas to keep the conversation flowing and create memorable moments with friends and loved ones.
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Whether you are meeting new people or talking to friends, it’s always good to open with funny questions or interesting conversation starters. Most of the time a good conversation starter can …

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Conversation Starters for Kids: Help Your Kids Build Lasting Friendships and Meaningful Connections with these Simple Conversation Starters

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Why is knowing a few interesting conversation topics so helpful? Because since you're an interesting person, you have a flurry of thoughts swimming around in your head, right? They range from the absurd to the practical and you can't wait to share them with the world. And unfortunately, every once in a while you might draw a blank and run out of questions to ask. Maybe the girl you're talking to gives you the jitters or your cxonversational partner is as interesting as a wet plastic bag…