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26 Comics By A Medical Student Who Never Had The Guts To Become A Comic Artist, But Finally Dared To Batman, Comics, Marvel Comics, Humour, Fan Art, Funny Videos, Dc Comics, Marvel, Comic Art

I've wanted to draw comics for a while now but never really had the guts to, but I decided to take the plunge! Here are some I made in the last couple of weeks. The style is a little inconsistent as I'm still trying to find what looks best. I'm a medical student, studying to become a doctor in Rotterdam, with dreams of becoming a cardiologist.

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David Harbour
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The comic series "Fruit Gone Bad" imagines a world where fruits, vegetables, and other foods are able to speak and share their thoughts. The cartoons are created by a New York cartoonist and feature quirky and twisted versions of food characters, as well as other objects, doing everyday activities like humans do and having their own social lives.

John Cena
103 Safely Endangered Comics That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud Crazy Funny Memes, Really Funny Memes, Stupid Funny Memes, Funny Relatable Memes, Funny Laugh, Funny Posts, Hilarious, Teeth Funny, Funny Stuff

Nobody can deny that our lives have a funny side - the silly problems, relatable experiences, or just plain amusing situations is what makes it all bearable. And who better to illustrate it all? Cartoonists! Yes, we've dedicated this whole page to cartoons - cute ones, funny ones, and even dark ones, and you'll find them all here.

A Twinkle In The Stars
Adam Ellis Comics Crazy Funny Memes, Really Funny Memes, Stupid Funny Memes, Funny Relatable Memes, Funny Texts, Epic Texts, Funny Sarcasm, Dirty Memes, Funny Gifs

Cartoon artist Adam Ellis claims he left art school after a fellow student presented her final project to the class, declaring "I put a condom on the Virgin Mary," and the professor loved it. Fast forward in time, and now Ellis has just ended another chapter of his life. He left his corporate job at BuzzFeed to pursue his cartoonist dreams, fully concentrating on personal projects. His followers applauded Adam's decision to exchange security for freedom, and have been eagerly waiting for…

Zaw Aung
This Comic Artist Has A Knack For Surprising People With Twisted Endings (30 New Pics) Cartoons Comics, Funny Comics, Cat Vs Dog, Dark Comics, Funny Memes, Hilarious, Life Comics, Funny Comic Strips, Dark And Twisted

"An idea for a visually cute – yet dark and twisted – webcomic had been rolling around in my head for a few years. What emerged was an optimistic and cute bunny, named Buni, with terrible luck," Ryan Pagelow first introduced his comics on Bored Panda back in 2018. Fast forward 4 years later and the artist now has around 714k followers on Instagram!

Taylor Shyanne
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When he was in high school, James Rallison (cartoonist of "The Odd 1s Out") wasn't partying or winning football games like his older brother. Instead, he posted online comics. It has been over six years since he uploaded his first comic strip, and we thought it's about time we presented you his work. Just like James' nickname, they're a little odd. But in a good way. Dealing with a wide variety of themes, including romance, parenting, and many many more, the funny comics often take…

Nour Ahmed
Esther González's Fun And Quirky Comics (New Pics) Cute Funny Babies, Cute Kids, Funny Memes, Hilarious, Jokes, Free Comics, Spanish Artists, Comic Artist, Anime Comics

A new day means more new comics… and today is no exception because we’d like you to meet the comic illustrator Esther González, the creator of popular webcomics called 'miss.pad_thai.' Esther’s comics often depict awkward and relatable real-life scenarios with funny twists. The Spanish artist decided that it would be a fun idea to illustrate what it would be like to depict a not-so-glamorous side of life with all ups and downs. With that being said, we believe her quirky comics are sure to…

Mary Touby