Golf Drills

Enhance your golf skills and lower your score with these effective golf drills. Try out these top golf drills to improve your swing, accuracy, and consistency on the course.
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These days we find ourselves at home much more. Perhaps you now work from home, or don't have access to facilities that were once seemingly always open. Facilities that were part of your fitness routines like gyms, sports & rec centers, and clinics are now less available/safe. For many of us, that means the gains we were making have been derailed. But don't fret! We've been talking with the fitness professionals over at Golf Fit Pro to bring you the best golf exercises you can do from home…

Michael Bridges
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The average golfer underestimates the importance of hip rotation in the golf swing. It’s hard to produce speed and consistent ball striking without using your hips correctly, yet most players focus their practice efforts elsewhere. In this article, we’d like to give hip rotation the attention it deserves. By using the drills outlined below, you […]


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