Healing jewelry

Experience the transformative benefits of healing jewelry. Enhance your well-being and embrace positive energy with our curated collection of healing gemstones and crystals.
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Handmade crystal bracelets, loose crystals, and crystal kits that offer healing properties paired with the user's intention to help meet a future desire or outcome. Infinite Warrior is made in the USA and it offers a lifetime warranty. The crystal healing stone chart helps guide you to the best crystals for your body.

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Many people think that we should program crystals implementing in them rational mission or purpose before working with them. However, many experiments and tests in the Bio Energy field proved that it doesn't make sense and plus, programming is harmful in some cases. Crystals are on this Planet from billions of years. They are made of chemical and structural elements that give them the specific frequency, energies, and instructions to interact with our own frequency and emotions. How Crystals…

Joyce Ford