Home made drinking games

Take your party to the next level with these fun and creative homemade drinking games. Get ready for a night of laughter and friendly competition with friends and family.

Drinking games are essential for every great house party or get-together. But most drinking games only cater for large groups, and the rest usually require cards. There's no need to skip the games though if you've only got a few people and your mates have forgotten to bring the pack of cards (that you definitely

Sarah Coe
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Thank you Jimmy Fallon. You are officially my hero. Jimmy had on his Late Night show one of his crazy games called Battle Shots. It's basically Battle Ship with shots. :) Every time the opposing player hits your ship, you must drink that shot. I decided I NEEDED this game. So, I made myself a version that I could fold down and take to friends houses. Here is my Battle Shots game... WHAT YOU NEED: large box or piece of cardboard (I used the box my new TV came in) 4 x poster board (I used two…

Charneel Bowen