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For Kaijune I´ve decided to design original Kaijus as if they were meant to appear in the animated series. The designs in the first movie are so unique that I wanted to do something along the guidelines of those first monsters. I feel like in both the animated series and sequel this feeling of neon alien monster, with abyssal fish and shark features has been lost. Don't get me wrong, the creature design job done is awesome and I don't mean to criticize other artist's work, I just feel like…

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Shrieker may seem small, but it is deadly if understimated! Original Pacific Rim Kaiju design number 4! I've always wondered what would a Category 1 Kaiju look like in the Pacific Rim Universe, we've only seen a Category 2 but nothing lower than that, so why not figure out a small monster that could be this annoying pouncing little bestie. Imagine going up against an alien monkey, yeah might be small, but also agile, smart and with fangs bigger than yours, would you risk it? I would give it…

Victor Melgarejo