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Discover fun and creative ways to boost your kids' mood and create a positive environment. Explore top ideas to make your children happy and engaged.
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The Internet has become pretty familiar with Gavin and his undeniably relatable faces. It’s all of the ones that we’ve used, seen, hidden… and retweeted. Although he may not be old enough to be sitting next to us in our next lecture hall, I’m confident in saying that his facial expressions scream, “...

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There can never be too many parenting tips for any types of parents, fresh or seasoned because you're raising a damn human being after all. And with a task requiring so much responsibility, no advice is better learned than through a process of tedious trial and error. While everybody tries to convince you that being a parent is one of life's most beautiful and rewarding journeys and nothing can replicate the joy of creating and nurturing a new life and watching it blossom, the bitter truth…

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I am homeschooling my 3 yr old this year for preschool and didn't like any of the weather charts available. So my great friend and I made this cute one in Photoshop. She had these cute graphics from Etsy and I also made an arrow. I cut out the circle then laminated them. The I used a scrapbooking brad and stuck the arrow in the middle and now my boy can tell me what the weather and season are. I LOVE them! I also made this mood wheel too.

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