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Learn how to calculate your Korean age and why it is important in Korean culture. Discover the significance of Korean age and its impact on relationships and social interactions.
[Interview] "My Country: The New Age" Jang Hyuk Talks About Portraying Lee Bang-won Twice @ HanCinema :: The Korean Movie and Drama Database Portrait, Models, Korean Boys Ulzzang, Gaya Rambut, Korean Men, Asian Men, Handsome Asian Men, Handsome Korean Actors, Korean

Jang Hyuk talked about having played a new Lee Bang-won in "My Country: The New Age". He recently told SpoTV News, "Playing Lee Bang-won for the second time definitely filled in some blanks"., Empire of Lust, My Country: The New Age, Ahn Nae-sang, Chae Seung-dae, Jang Hyuk, Kim Jin-won-I, Kim Seolhyun, Kim Young-chul, Woo Do-hwan, Yang Se-jong