Lady bug

Engage your kids with these fun and educational ladybug crafts and activities. From paper plate ladybugs to ladybug counting games, discover the best ideas to keep your little ones entertained.
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When it comes to photography, it is wrong for people to assume that it is simply a matter of pointing the camera and clicking away. While photography does include that part, it is more than just that. That is why you have many photography experts and enthusiasts rave and rant about different angles, lights, equipment and angles among other things. Each type of photography comes with its own fascinating aspects and has its own rewards and preparations. Take for instance, fabulous full moon…

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Meet embroidery artist Victoria Matthewson, who paints exquisite pieces of art with needle and thread – each one embroidered meticulously in luminous silk thread and each taking weeks or even months to stitch.

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This isn't a story, but I will be posting pictures of Miraculous. There will be memes too! If I get tagged, then I'll mention it here.. ;) You know, it's fun to read memes.They help you to laugh even in times of distress... So I, Serena, therefore present you 'Miraculous Pictures: Book of Memes and Tags!'... Hehe! Looks like I'm presenting something before a stage! Anyway, if you think that this book might be interesting then check it out!! ~Serena, out!

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