Leather cord

Explore a variety of stylish crafts and DIY projects using leather cord. Get inspired to create unique jewelry, accessories, and home decor items with this versatile material.
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This skill builder accompanies our Tricks to Leather Facebook LIVE broadcast on 1/11/17. Watch the broadcast for a complete discussion of leather sizes and types, beads, closures, knots and glue. Our leather sizes start at .5mm and go up to 2mm. Noted on each strand are beads from our product line that are appropriate

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Making leather cord bracelets with charms can be incredibly easy. Often, store-bought leather cord bracelets can be quite expensive, especially if they are from a well-known brand. However, you'll soon realize that creating your own leather cord jewelry is not only affordable but also a breeze. Unlike other DIY projects, making DIY leather cord charm bracelets requires only a few basic items, and you can combine them in various ways to achieve different looks.In this article, brought to you…

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Tired of paying high prices for leather jewelry you could easily make? Then get out your crafting gear, and make your own leather bracelets from scratch! The process is easy, and you will be left with a handmade, sophisticated piece of...

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Shop for Cord. Cord is much thicker than thread, and great for making macrame / hemp jewelry or for bead stringing beads with large holes. Cord can be made of leather, hemp, jute, satin, or other materials. For jute and hemp, you may also want to pick up some wax to smooth down the fibers. Lastly, you will want cord tips and jewelry pliers to finish the jewelry and attach a clasp.

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