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It's important to take a minute to appreciate the simple joys in life. One pleasure that's easy to always have handy is LIFE SAVERS Hard Candy. A classic American candy since 1912, the flavors of LIFE SAVERS Hard Candy have stood the test of time. Featuring the beloved cherry, raspberry, watermelon, orange, and pineapple fruit flavors of 5 Flavors, it doesn't take much for these trusted tastes to draw an easy smile. So pause the hectic world for just a moment and savor the simple pleasure of…

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LifeSavers Candy, Individually Wrapped, Wild Cherry 6.25 oz (pack of 3)Brand : life saversManufacturer : Lifesavers- Brand: Life Savers - Flavor: Wild Cherry - Unit Count: 18.75 Ounce - Package Information: Bag - Weight: 6.25 Ounces- For the Wild Cherry flavor faithful, heres a pack with nothing but their favorite flavor New Look! Same Great Taste

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Get ready for a hole-lot of fun with our LIFE SAVERS Wildberries Gummies Candy. These soft and chewy berry flavored treats are the berry-best! This assorted candy bag contains the delicious fruit flavors of strawberry, red raspberry, blackberry, black raspberry, white grape, and cherry berry. No need to wait for the summer for these to be in season! Your guests will love it when you stock your candy buffets and favor bags with LIFE SAVERS Wildberries Gummies chewy fruit candy. Need a midday…

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