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Create a wild adventure for your kids with these exciting Lion Guard ideas. From costumes to party themes, explore the top ideas to bring the magic of the Lion Guard to life.
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Cynthia Hernandez-Guevara
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Description I had this idea bouncing around in my head all week, and have definitely wanted to draw Kion for a while now. His hair is the one of the strangest designs for a character in Disney history. Yup. I've had this song stuck in my head all week because of the "Planning a future," line. I've been thinking about what I'm doing after graduation this winter. When the hell did I become an adult? Sheesh. Anyway, nothing much to say, brother bear/TLK crossover is <3. Plus Phil Collins is a…

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Tiifu is a female lion. She is a member of Simba's pride. One day, Tiifu went hunting with her friend, Kiara. While hunting, the cubs witnessed Janja and his clan invading the Pride Lands. While Kiara stayed behind to monitor the situation, Tiifu fetched Simba, Nala, and Rafiki. The four returned to the scene of the invasion, where they watched as Kion and his newly formed Lion Guard saved Kiara and drove off the hyenas. After Scar's spiritual resurrection, Tiifu journeyed to the mudpots…

Nadine Gonzales
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Rani is a teenage lioness that was introduced in Season 3 of The Lion Guard, starting in the episode "The Tree of Life". Rani serves as the main deuteragonist of the series. She is the leader of the Night Pride and eventually ascends the throne becoming Queen of the Tree of Life with Kion as both her King and mate. Rani is a strong-willed and kind-hearted lioness who takes her duty as a leader seriously, prioritizing the safety of the animals in the Tree of Life. However, she can be quite…

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