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Explore the remarkable life and lasting impact of Margaret Sanger, a pioneer in the fight for women's reproductive rights. Learn about her advocacy, achievements, and the ongoing relevance of her work today.
1917 Katherine McCormick, first female biology graduate from MIT and millionaire philanthropist, aligns with Margaret Sanger and smuggles diaphragms into the US. Unlike condoms, diaphragms put control of fertility in women’s hands. Later she funds research that leads to the pill. Strong Women, Suffragettes, People, Fertility, Suffragette, Margaret Sanger, Female Doctor, Talent, Great Women

Katharine Dexter McCormick is a name that every woman today should know, because your life would probably be very different today if it wasn't for her. Katharine funded what The New York Times called the "most sweeping sociomedical revolution in history. . . [whose] impact on the United States and other nations [is] almost too

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Bruce Fleury's The Negro Project: Margaret Sanger's Diabolical, Duplicitous, Dangerous, Disastrous, and Deadly Plan for Black America is an in-depth and engrossing cautionary tale written by the author to serve as a warning to all Americans not to forget their history, and perform their due diligence in order to be able to see the not-so-obvious objectives behind the deeds of others. This work surrounds the author's realization of the harm Margaret Sanger and others like her brought upon the…

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