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The paradox of being a child is wanting to grow up and be an adult, but once that dream comes true, we dive deeper and deeper into nostalgia, wishing that we were back to being children again. No bills, no responsibilities, free food and board, lots of playtime, and no random colleagues shouting by the coffee machine. That was the life!

Autumn Rose Stam
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2021 was one hell of a ride. We rose and fell, and rose again like phoenixes boosted by the 3rd vaccine, with life returning to the (new) normal, resumed social life and work from the office reminding us why exactly we loved that pandemic ‘pause’ so much, and today we stand not only strong, but super anxious. In fact, our collective anxiety could easily be awarded with magna cum laude, if there were masters at surviving a crisis. And since the crisis is far from done yet, this seems like one…

tyler eason

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