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Discover the transformative power of meditation mantras. Achieve deep relaxation and spiritual growth with these powerful mantras. Start your meditation practice today.
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The So Hum mantra (also called the Soham or So Ham Mantra) is one of the most popular mantras. The phrase has been used for thousands of years in many Eastern religions and meditation practices, but has recently gained popularity in the Western world as well, thanks to its simple structure and easy pronunciation. Om […]

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Mantras are like lotus flowers that spring from the murky depths of our minds, and blossom into the purity of being. For thousands of years all throughout the planet, mantras have been used to quiet the mind, experience inner stillness, promote the development of virtues like empathy, and experience “God.” Mantras, although simple words and sounds repeated over and over again, are immensely powerful in their ability to raise our consciousness. Not only are words and sounds a manifestation of…

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Mantras are powerful sacred sound vibrations from the ancient Sanskrit language that are traditionally chanted during spiritual practices in the yogic tradition. Mantras are composed of Sanskrit letters, each infused with unique frequencies— much like scientific formulas of sound vibration known to have unique qualities, effects and energies. Similarly, Mantras act like a secret password …

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