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Immerse yourself in the magical world of mermaids with these enchanting ideas. Discover how to bring the allure of the ocean into your life and make your mermaid dreams come true.
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Lewis: "Cleo, everybody is scared of something. But you, you're amazing, you can do anything." Cleo: "Just because I've got these powers doesn't mean I'm amazing." Lewis: I didn't mean the powers."-episode Catch of the Day Cleo Sertori is one of the main characters who became a mermaid in the Australian television series, H2O: Just Add Water. Along with Emma Gilbert and Rikki Chadwick, Cleo discovered her powers after her trip to Mako Island. She was portrayed by actress Phoebe Tonkin in…

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Sirena was one of the main characters in Mako: Island of Secrets for the first and second season. She is portrayed by Amy Ruffle. Sirena is the mediator and the peacekeeper between Nixie and Lyla as well as between Zac Blakely, Evie McLaren and Mimmi, Ondina. She's a really beautiful soul and bit naïve, but that can sometimes work to her disadvantage. Sirena is in a stable romantic relationship with David, Zac's friend and owner of the juice bar. She revealed her mermaid nature to him in…

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