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Explore our extensive collection of authentic Mexican masks and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage. Discover the beauty and craftsmanship of these traditional masks and add a touch of Mexican artistry to your home or collection.
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Here is a medium-sized collection of masks from all over Mexico. There are 94 of them representing 15 states out of 31. Most are carved wood, and some are papier mache, leather, metal and fired clay. Few of them have much age. Old masks are rare, because rough usage and climate take their toll. Only one is not painted, which means it was made strictly for tourists. You won’t see collections like this in museums. It includes authentic (used in culture), plus new ones that could be used and…

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Attention! My original maks are to be found only here on Etsy for purchase! Please do not trust other websites, because i have found many stollen images from my shop! For now,i sell only on Etsy! I am not responsible for postal delays during this unbelievable bad movie we all play in, but I am here ,and will do everything I can for you to have your orders in time. Please read the whole description below.🙏🏻. “Catrina Mask with sunflowers ” is a hand made mask painted with acrylic colors and…

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In the Republic of Korea, you can watch a traditional masked dance called Cheoyongmu, which features a cast of characters who each wear a different type of mask. The masks come with black cloth attached to the sides of the mask designed to cover the back of the head and also to simulate black hair. They are used for dances, and are sold to collectors and tourists. There are two ways to categorize masks: religious masks and artistic masks. Religious masks were often used to ward off evil…

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Q: Can you estimate age, where it came from in Mexico and who might have carved it? What is your take on the condition, paint loss, looks like woods knots over the eye and next to the nose and something under the nose? Bill, 953 A: It came from the state of Guerrero. I think we started seeing this style of decorative (tourist mask) as early as 1970. The tourist trade was beginning to grow and these kinds of items were offered to rich gringos as valuable antiques. This decorative industry…