Michael Myers

Explore the chilling story of Michael Myers, a notorious fictional character known for his relentless pursuit of his victims. Discover the origins and spine-chilling moments that have made Michael Myers an iconic figure in horror cinema.
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warnings! mpreg bxb gore? lemons/smut? very ooc personality changes (obviously) switch reader (ifykyk) Mentions of rape or sA (may be attempted if I need drama in the story) the plot may change a bit or some things may mix I have the memory span of a fucking fly I'm sorry 😭 THIS IS OMEGAVERSE IF IT'S NOT YOUR TYPE OF BOOK DON'T READ IT 🤪 this book is still being worked on (ik I should update my other works but I'll get to them eventually) #40 in killers out of 4k books how tf 😋 #15 in…

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