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Enhance your music production with the best midi controllers. Discover top midi controllers that offer seamless integration, intuitive controls, and endless creative possibilities for musicians and producers.
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A Framework for Making Affordable & Stylish Modular Controllers (USB to MIDI, HID, or Serial): **************************************************************************************************************************** I have designed a framework for making affordable and stylish modular controllers. You can use the content…

Marcos Araujo
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I haven't posted on this blog for a while. Busy with my day job and have been out of project funds for a while. I've been kinda quite on the gear building front. But, with Christmas holidays and a little overindulgence, I have found myself with some spare time to build a box or two for next years projects. Something that is quite new for me and has been taking over my music composition fancies is a little application called Ableton Live 9. Being a staunch Pro Tools user for the past 15 years…


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