Nasa history

Discover the incredible journey of NASA and its contributions to space exploration. Learn about the groundbreaking missions and iconic moments that have shaped the history of this renowned space agency.

This is a montage of the individual portraits of the 35-member 1978 class of astronaut candidates. The Astronaut Class of 1978 was NASA’s first new group of astronauts since 1969. This class was notable for many reasons, including having the first African-American and first Asian-American astronauts, and the first women.

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Bonham's Space History auction-Navigation Globe and orbitometer flown on the Salyut-6 Space Station, from Cosmonaut Aleksandr S. Ivanchenkov. Est. $6 – 9,000.

To celebrate the 47th anniversary of the first time man landed on the moon, astronauts, cosmonauts and rocket engineers of the great space race are having a giant yard sale next month– also known as the Bonhams annual Space History Auction. Even if I wasn't the type of kid that went to space camp an

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Annie Easley started out studying pharmacy at Xavier University in New Orleans, but when she married and moved to Cleveland, she discovered the university there had just closed its pharmacy program, and started looking for a different career. When an article in a Cleveland newspaper about twin sisters who worked as ‘human computers’ at the then-NACA caught her eye, she applied there, was hired and the rest is history.

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