Immerse yourself in the vibrant traditions and fascinating history of the Navajo people. Discover their art, language, and ancient customs, and gain a deeper understanding of this unique Native American tribe.
A Navajo Man Photographed In C. 1904 Dressed As Nayenezgáni, A Mythical Hero From Navajo Mythology Who, Along With His Brother Tobadzischini, Rid The World Of The Anaye (Monsters From Navajo Mythology) Goth, Instagram, Mythology, Navajo, Man, Hero, Mythical, Julius, Monsters

I know it’s hard to imagine, but there was once a time where we couldn’t just snap pics on our iPhones and edit whatever filters our hearts desired onto them. Yes, once upon a time, all photos were taken in black and white. And while these vintage black and white images are undeniably beautiful, there is something extra special about being able to see historical photographs in color. Thankfully, with the technology we have at our fingertips today, artists all over the world are working to…

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Navajo photographer Priscilla Tacheney’s images are strong and finely orchestrated. And they are full of meaning. In one of Navajo photographer Priscilla Tacheney’s award-winning images, a coyote with a deer skin at his feet is superimposed onto a background of a mountain range and a starry sky. In another, a woman stands on the edge of a cliff with the tail of a swirl of corn pollen at her fingertips. Graphic and sharp, the images are strong and finely orchestrated. And they are full of…

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Brit West has tapped into her creativity to support Native Americans in need. While the world is attempting to adjust to the ever-evolving coronavirus situation, people of the Navajo Nation have been hit with financial struggle, leaving elders without provisions. Western designer and photographer Brit West has set out to use her artistic eye for a cause with the creation of her Photography for a Purpose project. West traveled to the picturesque Monument Valley to shoot Navajo people and…


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