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Maximize your networking potential with these effective event ideas. Discover how to create meaningful connections and expand your professional network today.
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Counting down the hours to my first Yellow Conference, I was too excited to sleep after seeing Instagram sneak peeks of big, bright, illustrative installations going up by The Shift Creative and Hanna Snyder, creating a Yellow universe for us to experience at Hudson Loft. Used to a mostly solo freelance routine, I was anticipating female entrepreneurship Christmas, and - A wonderland of creative, ambitious, generous women is exactly the gift I got over two days there. This year’s conference…

Carina Santo
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Companies can host live and virtual networking events to encourage communication, collaboration and team building. Examples of fun networking event ideas include structured mixers, hands-on games, speed networking, scavenger hunts and random one-on-one Zoom pairings.

LaQuisha Umemba