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Step into the enchanting world of Nightmare Before Christmas and meet the beloved characters that have captured the hearts of fans everywhere. From Jack Skellington to Sally, explore the magical journey of these iconic characters.
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Zero is a character released with Halloween Event Update on 12th October 2016, and is a part of the Nightmare Before Christmas character collection. Zero is a supporting character in Tim Burton's 1993 stop-motion Disney film The Nightmare Before Christmas. Zero is a ghostly dog that appears to be made of a white sheet, much like a stereotypical ghost. Like Pluto, he has basset hound-esque floppy ears. His "eyes" are just empty holes in the sheet. Zero's snout is very long and thin, and his…

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In this town! Don't we love it now, everybody's waiting for the next surprise! -This is Halloween The Mayor of Halloween town is, as his name implies, is the Mayor of Halloween Town. His body (head included) is shaped like a cone. He wears a tall top-hat and suit with a spider bow-tie. He also wears a ribbon that says mayor on it. Being a politician, he is naturally "two-faced" and in his case, this is taken literally as he can rotate his head to appear as either happy or sad (a reflection…

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